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YEAR: 2020



In late 2019, our introduction to the News UK sports hub marked the commencement of a strategic collaboration with the esteemed Wunderman Thompson agency.

Tasked with delivering a phase 2 product strategy, as per the directive from Newscorp’s executives, our mandate encompassed comprehensive feature analysis, prioritization, and a meticulously crafted delivery proposal. Inclusive in our scope were design and tech estimates, along with the imperative integration of third-party elements. Our dedicated efforts were set forth to redefine the landscape of market-leading sports products.

During our engagement at Wunderman Thompson offices, the sheer magnitude of our endeavors necessitated expansion beyond the confines of the proverbial ‘war room.’


In dissecting the brief, we meticulously addressed key areas:

Product Management: We initiated the process by delving into phase 1, aligning it with market dynamics and key trends.

Competitor Analysis: A strategic examination to identify features fostering enjoyment, user engagement, and inherent value. Consultations with key stakeholders across the sporting spectrum within News UK shaped our insights.

Scalability: An emphasis on efficiency, cost and low risk approaches led us to leverage existing technology, avoiding redundant investments and optimising solutions to meet the client’s evolving needs.

Industry Experts: Collaborating with betting and gaming authorities, we crafted an intuitive gambling experience, recognising accumulator bets as pivotal revenue drivers, perceived as both entertaining and low-risk by punters.

Gamification: Tailored for a younger demographic, our focus centered on a progressive profile element, tying skill and engagement levels seamlessly.

Customer-Centric Approach: Prioritising end-user preferences, we conducted surveys that informed our decisions. Predictive games linked to accumulators emerged as highly popular, while incentivising engagement with access to new features ensured sustained user visits.


In conjunction with NUKTC, we presented an innovative product strategy to senior stakeholders at TalkSPORT and C-Suite executives at Newscorp. Our emphasis on visual and interactive demonstrations conveyed a compelling message, resulting in successful executive endorsement and the continuation of our collaboration into the next phase, a testament to our work in contributing to this ongoing success story.


Here’s what our clients and partners had to say about working with us:

We wouldn’t have delivered this without your critical thinking, football knowledge and optimistic energy. Thank you for your help.

 Matt Jacobs, Design Lead, Wunderman Thompson

Worth your weight in gold during the course of this project.

Laura Drysdale, Head of Product, NUK